The new currency

This is not a new article on trust - but equally it is not out of date. Just think of the banks, VW and our ongoing relationship with trust - or perhaps the lack of it. And yet the article doesn't really say anything that companies and leaders don't already know - trust matters, and trust once given and abused is many times harder to rebuild. So why is it that so many businesses have lost touch with trust? and what are those organisations that we increasingly trust doing right? At one level it is simple - and links to the concept of personalisation - if a company treats us like a person, a real individual, then we feel instinctively that we can do business. Is it as simple as that - well no, since there are good examples of that personalisation being abused - think of some of the ways Facebook has experimented with data in the past. But it is to do with empathy - and treating customers and other stakeholders in the way that you would lile to be treated. It is not always about being perfect - in fact one of the best ways to build trust is how things are handled when they go wrong. And that's at the heart of many of the current concerns and lack of trust - not just that things are not put right in the right way, but that lessons don't appear to be learnt.