About me

I have been sufficiently interested in change to do multiple things with my own life – a post graduate printing diploma, a stint with the Admiralty as a Civil Hydrographic Officer, a commissioning editor with John Wiley & Sons, and that’s before I began what turned into nearly 25 years with KPMG – training as an accountant and being an auditor before moving to corporate finance, helping dot coms, implementing a CRM system and for the last 9 years innovation. It was the latter which led me to foresight and trends – it seemed to me that the focus on innovation was all too often introspective or at best incremental (how do we offer what we already offer better) rather than a response to the VUCA world we live in.

I’m still involved as a contractor with KPMG, helping with their C Suite Leadership programme, providing foresight and trends insight to their clients and specific change projects internally. I have a wide network of contacts from my years at KPMG as well as personal relationships and work with a variety of my contacts depending on what the specific objective is – from using technology to understand what’s happening to culture during change to leadership development. I've listed my favourite partners alongside.

You’ll find various musings on my blogs on the right or at www.macinn.me if you are interested in my personal perspectives.