CIAO (or Change is an Opportunity Ltd in full) is my response to the disruption to operating environments that I see with every client I talk to. There are to my mind 3 kinds of responses to this

  1. hope it will all stop soon and the world get back to normal
  2. accept that it’s happening and see it as an issue or threat to be dealt with or
  3. to see it as an opportunity.

My instinct is the latter – but I appreciate that’s not true for everyone. So this site, and my work with entities and teams is about helping them to understand what’s going on in the wider world (to take an ‘outside-in’ view), and to help them to translate what it means for them. That could be as individual leaders, as companies or entities, or for their business model.

My approach is never to come with the answer but to facilitate my client to help themselves – that way whatever gets achieved has a permanence without me. If you would like to talk more please contact me.


There are multiple ways of looking at the trends which are driving change but this is my framework – mega resources or inputs (people and natural resources), mega drivers (technology and behaviours/norms)which play on those resources and mega impacts on the collective (political / ethical) or entity (commercial / economic). However as the diagram makes clear, the real issue here is to be aware of this on a systemic level – as all of the components interact with and are impacted by each other.

I’m sometimes asked what I mean by a megatrend – for me it is really simple, it is something which is permanent (at least in terms of our ability to consider), global, cross-sector/industry in nature and evidence-able (which is not the same as predictable!). And of course to consider the impact of the megatrends it is necessary to think about what are the sub-trends (which may not individually have the same degree of permanence) that make up that bigger picture. You’ll find the ones I work on within this site – and the intent is for you to explore as you will.

Much of the content is publicly available – if you want to explore ‘what if’ questions the content is still free but I ask you to register so you can keep track of what you’ve thought about and I can see who is interested in what. That way I can develop more tools to help you.

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